The idea

Idea of the first Re-Cikli Workshop has been elaborated in 2012, in an innovative employment project called „Re-Cikli, Everything that Re-Rolls” (TÁMOP-1.4.3-12/1-2012-0049) by a consortia of three organizations: Middle-Nyírség Municipal Association, Revita Foundation and Kontaktus Association. The project focused on increasing labor market opportunities of disabled people living in the locality: besides complex labor market services we provided vocational education, trainings and preparation for people willing to become individual entrepreneurs.

Within the project, a workshop has been set up and installed, providing the physical infrastructure of the services in the course of the project. Between 1, April 2014 and 31, March 2015, the Workshop – financed from the project – was operating in a “pilot mode”.

The first social enterprise…

Since the project finished, Re-Cikli Workshop in Baktalórántháza runs as a social enterprise, operated by Baktalórántháza and Region Social Cooperative. Among members of the latter, we find the Association itself, member of the project staff and some of those who successfully completed the trainings.

With its business plan, in 2014 Re-Cikli Workshop has been acknowledged by NESsT-Citi in its program of social enterprise development.

… and the next one

In late 2015, Revita Foundation was entrusted to provide professional guidance in the setting up of a social enterprise on the model of the Re-Cikli Workshop in Baktalórántháza. The social enterprise now operating the second Re-Cikli Workshop in Devecser has been set up in the RED project, financed by the Hungarian Red Cross. In the first four months, we have created conditions for business operation: we selected and prepared employees, set up necessary infrastructure, purchased equipment and materials, developed the business plan and provided continuous PR and marketing support. As a result, the social enterprise – Devecseri Tandem Social Cooperative – was established in January, 2016. Some of the project staff members and employees joint the cooperative as members (owners).

Re-Cikli Workshop in Devecser started operation in March, 2016. Colleagues of Revita Foundation provide intensive professional and business support until the end of April, 2016.

Re-Cikli Model

From the outset, Revita Foundation strived to elaborate a business model that – under predefined conditions – may be also disseminated in other regions of the country.

The core idea of the model is a social enterprise, located in one of the most disadvantaged areas, where elementary services are lacking, and which aims to relieve local employment problems. As such, the social enterprise represents an alternative model for other actors of these localities.

Re-Cikli Workshops employ people who are disadvantaged in the labor market (including disabled people). Employees are provided with the opportunity to join the business as owners.

Main service profile includes environmentally sustainable production and sales of rebuilt bikes and bike accessories. Additional services that answer local needs, and require the same infrastructure and know-how that is already available can also be found in the Workshops.

All Re-Cikli Workshops have to meet the above conditions: they should comply with business logics and meet predefined societal objectives.